Dream of Italy

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Dream of Italy Special: Under the Tuscan Sun

Written by Grace Kim  


Now that summer is here, the long, sunny days have me daydreaming of travel. This summer, CUCINA is traveling back to its roots.

CUCINA is proud to sponsor the Dream of Italy: Under the Tuscan Sun special, airing on PBS stations in August 2019.

Our Italy-inspired premium products are made with fresh, aromatic fragrances, designed specifically for the kitchen. CUCINA is dedicated to using quality natural ingredients and creating sustainable packaging. Our products are enriched with first cold-pressed olive oil to moisturize your hands and provide them with the care they need.

Tuscany, Italy is known to be home to renowned, high-quality olive oil. Every year, millions of olives are harvested to be turned into olive oil. Our CUCINA hand soaps are made with first cold-pressed olive oil. So what is first cold-pressed olive oil? That’s a good question! There are two different methods of processing olives: cold-pressing and hot-pressing. Cold pressing simply means that the olives never exceed 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit during the pressing process. While this yield less product, it ensures that the oil is of a high quality. “First” refers to the fact that the olives were pressed only once. First cold-pressed olive oil is what is more commonly known as extra virgin olive oil. This is also called “green gold” in Italy!

You might be wondering why such a staple culinary ingredient is being used in our hand soaps and lotions. First cold-pressed olive oil offers many benefits to our skin! It is rich in oleic acid which is known to help maintain the skin’s elasticity, suppleness, and hydration.

Our products also contain olive oil unsaponifiables that come from the unsaponfiable oil fractions after the olives are crushed. This ingredient helps regenerate the skin’s moisture barrier and protect it from external aggressors, leaving it hydrated and soft. It is especially beneficial for dry or sensitive skin.

Now that we’ve learned a bit about olives, join Kathy McCabe and Frances Mayes as they travel to Italy this summer to explore old traditions and indulge in local cuisine on the Dream of Italy: Under the Tuscan Sun special. CUCINA is proud to sponsor Dream of Italy.

Our beautiful premium products are sure to elevate your culinary experiences and fulfill all your kitchen needs. Try CUCINA this summer as you dream of Italy!


P.S. Did you know that olive trees can live to be up to 1,500 years old?!