Unforgettable Sensory Experience Inspired by Nature

Unforgettable Sensory Experience Inspired by Nature


Discover fresh, aromatic fragrances specifically designed for the kitchen.


Boosts your energy with vitamin, fresh fruit scents, sunshine notes with alo.

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Cooking with CUCINA

Jun 06
  Cooking with Cucina Written by Grace Kim    What’s even better than pasta? Colorful HOMEMADE pasta! Just this past March, CUCINA collaborated with “pasta...

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Dream of Italy

Jun 03
Dream of Italy Special: Under the Tuscan Sun Written by Grace Kim     Now that summer is here, the long, sunny days have me...

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Fruits & Passion has roots...

Feb 25
Home is where the heart is Fruits & Passion is a desire to care for our body but also our homes. Home is more than...

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